Data Entry is performed with the latest software and hardware technology – specifically developed for rapid and accurate data manipulation. We treat each project with extreme sensitivity and always exceed the security and confidentiality expectations of our clients.
Our services include: 
•Internet-based data entry •Hard copy data entry •Data capture •Data Cleaning •Customer / Vendor Management •Data organization and cataloging

Large volumes of documents can be overwhelming. With the help of our Form Processing Service, we provide organizations with solutions for converting these documents into usable electronic formats. With countless online storage options, these documents can be easily received. 
Our services include:

• Insurance Claims • Online Forms • Legal Forms • Membership applications forms • Survey forms • Resumes • Purchase Order and Invoices • Credit card applications

Our technical support service is using a multi-tiered support system to better provide the best possible service in the most efficicient way. Our team is equipped with the knowledge of the production order to deliver the best response time commitment.

Our services include : remote computer repair, troubleshooting of product issues and solving basic and critical IT problems

We will help you collect, understand and analyze your data for you to make data-driven decisions and actions. Our analysts are experts in digital marketing data collection, tool usage, reporting and analytics. Our team can assist you to maximize the use of your analytics reporting tools to generate insights that help you make informed decisions about your online campaigns in a cost-effective manner. 
Our services include: Analytics and Data Visualization (Web, Social Media and Mobile), Data Management, Performance Measurement and Reporting,  KPI Dashboard Creation , On-Demand Remote Digital AnalystTraining

Digital Analytics and Reporting

Infrastructure Solutions

Data Entry and Processing